Can we have Manual Water Fixed Schedule (not just zones) added to the Remote section of the app please?

Hi All

Overall love the new app but would love to see Manual Schedule (not just zones) returned to what would now be the remote screen please. Being able to trigger a full schedule this way would be so much easier and quicker than having to go the calendar, find your next fixed schedule and then choosing to run it.

Any chance this can be put back in a more front and center approach within the Remote portion ?


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Thanks for the suggestion, I agree it was much easier before :wink:

Will make sure the product @benblackmer @matt team gets this.


@franz thanks as always, you guys are awesome, still loving (and HIGHLY recommending) the product wherever I go :smile:

@Wildcatz_1 Thanks for the suggestions!

Just checking in to see if there was any update on this one and whether this could be implemented