Can we get Graphs and/or API access to weather data?

Greetings everyone,

I am new to rachio and in the process of setting everything up. Being from South Florida, we are currently getting a good amount of rain and it was important for me to choose a product which can accurately track and make use of precipitation (aka rainfall) data. With this in mind I had a few questions.

My initial question is what does % reading represent relative to Precipitation? I can’t find any clear answer.
Is this referring to chance of rain (as in there is a 30% chance of rain) and if so, when (today or tomorrow or next week…?)
Is this referring to amount of rain system has observed? (as in 60% Precipitation means system needs to supply remaining 40%?)

My second question is about API access to weather information available to my gen 2 rachio. It would be nice to be able to use rainfall (and other weather) data from several stations in the area (instead of just one), throw out the outliers on bell curve and average out the rest and feed that data via API to my unit.

In any case, keep on improving and I’m looking forward to being a longtime customer. Thank you.

I’m assuming you are referring to the precipitation % on the main dashboard? This refers to the probability of precipitation using the current weather observation.

I agree, but it does add a lot of effort on our end massaging, ingesting all of that data.

I’m working on an enhanced weather solution I think our users are going to really enjoy (details to come). :wink:

We understand weather is one of our core competencies and will continue to work on the challenge of getting highly accurate, quality weather data.


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