Can we combine two old sprinkler controllers in to one Rachio controller?

We have two sprinkler controllers in our house, one for frontyard and another one for the backyard. Both these sprinkler controllers are located in the garage near each other. Each of these sprinkler systems have three zones. We want to buy Rachio 3 and combine the frontyard and backyard sprinkler zones in one Rachio 3 controller.

Is it possible? If yes, what is the wiring recommendation for Rachio 3?


Yes I believe so. There’s more than one common on the Rachio so it’s a straightforward connection. Front yard to Rachio 1,2,3. Backyard to Rachio 4,5,6.

As @NCSuggs said, yes. I might include the caveat that the valves all run off 24VAC (which is likely). The number of common wires does not matter. The Rachio would use its own power adapter that plugs into the wall and uses the jack to the Rachio. With the two controllers, it is possible that you could have two zones on at the same time, this is not the case with Rachio (I do not know if that makes any difference to you or not). I cannot quite see the wires on the first image, so you might just have to mark or tag the wires if they are not colored so you go straight across to the Rachio to the right connector.