Can two controllers talk to each other?

I’m considering purchasing two Rachio controllers for my front and back yards, and I’m wondering if the two can talk to each other and coordinate watering schedules.

I’m looking for integration similar to what was discussed in this product suggestion. Are any of those features available yet?

@mrski - right now it is a manual process of scheduling the start times for multiple controllers where they won’t overlap schedules, if there is a water pressure/supply issue. Rachio hasn’t released details of their version 3 of the software that is in beta right now, so no idea if the requested controller coordination has made it to the feature list for this version.

Hey @mrski-

Unfortunately this feature is not currently implemented. While you can control multiple controllers in the app, they cannot currently communicate. This is on our roadmap, however I cannot give any firm dates. I hope this helped, sorry I can’t give better news!

McKynzee :rachio: