Can the Rachio support larger 14 gauge wire? Updated and Installed

I opened my irrigation controller an noticed that it had larger (thickness) type wires. Can the Rachio units accept this size?


Is this an Irritrol Total Control?
I think this is 14 gauge wire. Ask Rachio, but I think if you have enough exposed copper it should work. You could also install a wiring harness to keep the wires in a neater manner. I wish Rachio had standard stainless steel terminals like your current controller.

It is an “Irritrol” unit but we did not install it. Great tip on the wire harness. What do you suggest or even where to get one?

It’s basically a wire box that sits just below wour controller. I would check out the electrical department at any store.

I finally completed the install of the 16 zone Rachio to replace our outdated Irritrol unit. Here is a photo of before and after with some install photos. Everything is up and running perfectly. Click photo to see album of the install.

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Awesome! Looks great. Glad to know Rachio has an outdoor box, too. Did the box make your pulling the wires into the controller easier?

Thanks and this was a fun install. That outdoor box is amazing and was well thought out on its design.

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