Can the Flow Control be installed pointing upwards?

Good day everyone,

I’ve finished installing my controller and flow control 2 days ago. I have also added to the irrigation system a Chapin In-Line Auto-Mix Fertilizer Injector System which water has to flow from left to right as you will see in the photo attached. I assumed it would be better to put the water flow before the fertilizer injector in case the injector has a leak, the water flow will notify me of it, I am not 100% sure of it yet.

The flow control water flow is upwards instead of downwards as in many pictures I’ve seen online and in the manual provided with the water flow.

Now I need to add a pressure regulator before the fertilizer injector because it can only operate up to 60 psi, something I found out on its booklet after installing it :slight_smile: Would adding a 60 psi pressure regulator affect the other 25 psi pressure regulators I have at the output of my 3 valves for my drip system zones? Remaining valve on the left will be used for sprinkler system in a near future.

Do you think my setup is correct?

Please advise

Thank you

I am not sure from your diagram what happens upstream of your added piping towards your main line from your city but I would also make sure you have proper backflow prevention. My apologies as I know this is not addressing your questions but thought it important to ask.

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Hi, just to clarify, I have added another photo where you can see more detail of the main line. The main line comes on the pipe that is on the right side where the hose garden is hooked.

I was told no backflow is needed since my valves have the anti siphon feature and are installed higher than any dripping bubbler. I am thinking on installing one anyway as a safety precaution in case the anti-siphon feature breaks on the valves.

What you were told is correct…you don’t need a backflow if you are using anti-siphon style valves. BUT, you are injecting fertilizer prior to these valves, thus making the potential backflow of fertilizer filled water into your home.

Personally, I would run the installation as follows. I know you have already bought all the valves, and piped it, but…

Main Line —>backflow (PRV style if needed to get PSI down below 60)—>flow meter—>injector---->standard diaphragm valve (no anti-siphon installed after backflow).


I agree. I am getting the Zurn 1-720A Wilkins Pressure Vacuum Breaker 1-Inch Assembly from Amazon today.

Also, I was reading on the fertilizer injector specs and the website says it operates at 40 psi and not at 60 psi as written in the booklet that came with it.

Can I just keep the anti-siphon valves and put the 40 psi pressure regulator before the fertilizer injector and of course put the backflow preventer/pressure Vacuum Breaker on the main line before everything else in the irrigation system? How about the Rachio Flow Control, facing anything other than downwards matter as long as the flow is correct?


Not advised to have 2 backflow devices in line. You’d need to get rid of the anti-siphon valves.

For pressure regulator, if you are talking about the type that you have on your drip line currently, those aren’t really designed for constant pressure and can only be installed downstream of the valve. You need to install either a separate pressure reducer valve, or a complete PRV backflow.

Separate pressure reducer to be used in conjunction with what you are buying/bought from Amazon. Can really be installed before or after backflow device.

Reduced Pressure (RP) Backflow device - different manufacturers will look different, and there are different “patterns” available.

As for the flow, orientation doesn’t matter, as long as you have the flow pointed in the right direction.

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Hi tmcgahey, I have received this vacuum breaker from amazon last night, the 1" version. The first link from HD is the one you suggested me in another thread.

As for the pressure, I am going to bring it down to 40 psi using this device just before the fertilizer injector and the fertilizer injector will have its dedicated line when I need to use it. I am using a couple ball valves for that.

What would be the problem if I leave the valves which are already installed that have the anti-siphon feature?


The problem is, like I said earlier, those types of pressure reducers aren’t meant to be under constant pressure and are meant to be installed after a zone valve.

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I get it now. Looks like I am overcomplicating things just by installing that type of fertilizer injector. I’ve noticed it is not meant for high pressure, maybe I should have gone with this other type of fertilizer injector below or just hook up the injector with a hose only when needed. The hose bib has already a vacuum breaker therefore I see if I go that route I see no need to install the backflow preventer and just keep the anti-siphon valves I’ve already installed.