Can’t find address?

Hello - just trying to set up for the first time and app can’t find my address ? I’ve restarted app etc, I know my address :slight_smile:
What could be wrong ? Thank you !

What country are you in?

Assuming US, what happens when you start to type the address? Do you see (incorrect) choices listed? Try starting with both the house number and the street name.

If no luck, try typing your city name, followed by a comma and your two-letter state abbreviation. You are likely to see some incorrect choices in your city. Choose one and then ‘refine’ the location.

If still no luck, what device are you using? What other Android or iOS devices do you have?

Yes US location -
Using an iPhone, I will try your suggestions !
Thank you and I will
Let you know

Hopefully you were able to work this out. We have an issue that will be fixed with the next iOS app version that makes it difficult for the system to geocode an address (this is the process of turning address text like street name and city into a coordinate on the map). This only happens when doing a manual entry on iOS. During the initial address entry screen, if you are able to tap a suggested address, that should work around the issue until our release next Monday.

Thank you !

Hello…I am having this same issue. Any resolution or recommended fix? I tried the suggestions posted here but no luck.