Can’t finalize new Rachio 3 install

Completed all the steps up until the final connect. The last white bar is blinking. The App tells me it can’t connect to the Rachio. Retried multiple times and also replugging in the Rachio a couple of times.

Ran the “route this” app. Here’s the key.


Can you please help? Thanks!

@Ktrick - this situation appears to be a Rachio issue. You might want to email support at Rachio or try their phone number.

If you have any kind of multicast or broadcast blocking, it will not get an address. It does not properly DHCPACK, so it appears to require a broadcast ARP response to accept the DHCPOFFER. For me, on my IoT vLAN using Ubiquiti APs, I had to deselect “Enable Multicast and Broadcast Filtering” (which is enabled by default - which is generally a good idea) on the wireless network for it to work.