Can’t edit “days” only shows odd/even

I tried to edit my schedule last night based on the two specific days a week that I’m supposed to water.
I went through and created two entirely new schedules and programmed all the sprinkler times.

After I saved them I realized that I inadvertently selected “odd and even days” rather than the specific days that I’m supposed to use.
So after going through all that work to create two new schedules, 7 zones each, & the times, I need to change it.
But when I go into edit, it does not show me the option to edit the days of the week.
It only shows I can switch from odd to even days.

It looks like I’m going to have to delete all that work for seven different zones and reset it al l-TWICE- for the two days I am supposed to water on.

It would be nice if I can program all the times at once, & simply set it for the days of the week that I want it to run.
Unfortunately I can’t find a chat option, nor a phone number to actually talk to anyone at the company.

@mrmsbvhn - you can email to Support at

The phone number is 1-844-472-2446 or 1-844-4-RACHIO.