Can’t connect - new install - Gen2

Hi - I just had a system installed while I was away. I came home and tried to connect to the rachio controller via the app and it just can’t connect. The second led flashes but I can’t connect to the controller via my iPhone app. I have 2, 2.4 ghz wifi options and a 5 ghz option. It’s only generation 2 but neither 2.4ghz network can connect to the rachio
Controller. I have Fios and a strong signal at the controller, either full bars or 1 from full bars. I have been trying for hours including unplugging and replugguing th Fios router and rachio controller and nothing helps. What can I do?



If you run this app and provide the generated code I can have the engineering team review.


Route this code Y6V7PZN8

Second light blinks but app won’t connect to controller/ can’t see it.

Also My rachio was installed outside in a metal box is that ok as it says indoor use only…


After having the engineering team review. couple things to try.

  • Make sure the router has latest firmware
  • Try creating a dedicated 2.4 guest network (not using the extender) and connect the controller to that.


I have 2 2.4ghz networks. One is the normal 2.4 and the other is the extended. Neither works for rachio. What do you mean create another network?

Also how do I get latest firmware?


What error is the app giving you?

If it is a Verizon Fios router you might not be able to upgrade the firmware on the router.

You might have to contact Rachio support tomorrow, they are very good at helping with networking issues.


When I try to locate/connect to the rachio controller I get the message “we could not find your Rachio”

(see attached picture). Also Y6V7PZN8 is the code I get when using normal 2.4ghz network (not extended).

I would try a factory reset. If this does not work Rachio support can help you out in the morning. Thanks for your patience.