Can someone w samsung s7 try and change theyre scedule and see if you get a server errors

can anyone w a samsung s7 please see if they get the same server error code i get when trying to change any of my watering scedules. Rachio tech support is saying they cant duplicate the error im getting and that my phone is the problem. so i installed it on my wifes samsumg s7 also and it gives me the same server error code if i try to change the water days or durations of my water scedules


I’ll have our Android team try to reproduce.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and logged into your account and could not get any errors. I tried changing durations and zones. What error are you seeing? Do you have a screenshot?

Can you verify the Android version of the app is 3.4-11086 in Account settings?

Also, what is the exact make/model of the phone and Android version?