Can rachio just do what I tell it?

I have tried “intelligent” irrigation controllers before, without success. The reason is my yard is south facing, unshaded, and very steep. Consequently the controller under-estimated the amount of water required and my landscape suffered. I have just bought a rachio in hopes that it has more intelligence!

BUT, I do not want to go to the trouble of installing it UNLESS the answer to this question is yes - can I disable all the rachio smarts so that it just irrigates on a fixed program, on the days and times I have set, for the durations I have set, without applying ANY of its “intelligence”? If so, please advise how I accomplish this.



Our support team ( or these forums would be glad to help you dial in your system if you would like help adjusting the smart features. I do understand if you would like to disable them and we definitely support that through the software. This article will help show how to disable them. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


So to confirm, if I set all these,

to OFF, the rachio will irrigate exactly as I have entered a fixed schedule (day, time, station, duration), and will not modify any irrigation parameters at all?

Yes that is correct.


Very good, thanks.

Perhaps the rachio’s smarts will cope with my particular situation better, but if necessary now I know I can turn them all off.

One thing that would help greatly would be out-of-the-box integration with Wunderground. I have my own PWS on site, so if I could use that it would be perfect. Hopefully that is on your list for future enhancements.

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@keitheva – If you run into any issues moving forward, feel free to book a “Schedule Review” call with our support team and a scheduling expert will help you configure your schedule to do exactly what you’d like it to do; as automated or custom as you want.


We definitely want to expand our weather footprint :wink:



Good to know, thanks.

Soon, hopefully :slight_smile:

Just adding a quick reference here to the {rather lengthy} product suggestions thread on Using to integrate Personal Weather Stations.

Currently, for the above thread, estimated read time = ~16 minutes.
Short version: there’s no “out of the box” solution as of yet, but there are ways to get your PWS recognized in Rachio’s system. Peruse if you like, and/or check out solutions on Rachio’s support site:

Thanks. Yes, I found these. But I really don’t want to have to buy/run a Mac/Linux box 24 hours a day to get there!