Can only see 2 weather stations

These 2 weather stations are in Sweden, I’m not in Sweden.

My controller settings show the correct address in Minnesota, USA, but going to “Edit Weather Station” the map loads and zooms across the atlantic to only show ESCM and ESSA weather stations, and 4 more if i turn on PWS.

So, i have to set my schedule on a 6 hour offset because otherwise the schedule functions off the time zone in Sweden.

@vonbargenjl - which Gen device do you have? Gen 3, Gen 2 from Costco with WI or Gen 2.

Hi, thank you for the fast reply, It’s a regular gen2

@vonbargenjl - I’m using the iOS app along with a Gen 3 and it shows nearby weather stations. What flavor of the app is being used? Probably need to submit a support ticket through the app. There was (is?) an intermittent issue with the moisture graph today, so I don’t know if that is connected or not.

I’m on the Android app. I left a note on the app, and now that i looked, they said email support. I’ll email them this link.

@mitchell / @Franz - I don’t know if this is related to the moisture issue or not.

@vonbargenjl I’ve seen Google Geocode go a little crazy from time to time. Your address was indeed reverse geocoded for Sweden :wink:

You are good to go now (just refresh the app).


thank you for the fast work!

chance you can allow schedules to change from ‘fixed’ to one of the other types? instead of having to delete it and make a new one. then it’d be perfection.