Can not adjust area size in advanced zone settings

as the subject says, I have tried to enter 300.00 and 300 as the area of a
zone, but I get a validation error. Mob yea, this is in the iOS app.

@plainsane Can you give us some more information? iOS version and what the error is?

Our development team tried to reproduce and could not. They did it with both US and metric units. The validation checks for values > 0 and <= 10000 sqft (or metric equivalent).


iOS 8.2 and latest version of software, attached is the screen shot

@plainsane I believe you are just tapping the information icon. After typing in your value just tap ‘Done’ in upper right hand corner and then ‘Save’ in upper right hand corner.

Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions.


I have the same confusion. Rachio: the problem is the check mark you place next to the number as it is entered. It is different from the symbols next to all other (unmodified) settings and it begs to be touched to enter/validate the new entry. There is no place on the advanced setting screen to save settings.

The answer you gave amounts to user training about how to overcome a poor UI. It works but many more users will follow with the same confusion until this is fixed.

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Hey @LarryMac-

Thank you for the feedback, I completely agree this is not an intuitive UI. Are you a part of our beta for v03, our upcoming software update? Sounds like you would be a good, critical, addition.

McKynzee :rachio:

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WHOW!!! i think i cut my teeth on this thread.

@LarryMac you deserve the spelunkers award fow show


McKynzee, I’d love to participate in the beta. I’m a software entrepreneur for a living. Writing specs and testing usability is everyday work for me and I love it. Please count me in! (I do CRM software–nothing remotely connected to sprinkling systems except that we both care about user experiences.)



@LarryMac Great, thank you for the offer! I will see what I can do, and get back to you.

Any luck, McKynzee?

You are on my short list for Beta participants, once we enter our larger beta group, you will be hearing from me :wink: