Can Netamo be used with a Rachio hub/Rachio in Europe

I live in Europe. Am considering installing a smart irrigation hub. Am looking at Rachio. Would like to link it to a Netamo weather station. Does the Rachio hub connect. And are there any European suppliers

You should not have any issues. Netamo supports both Weather Underground (Needed for Gen 3 controller) and pwsweather (used by Gen 1 and 2 controllers). More on pwsweather, if needed, here:



@FosseVet - I believe that Rachio can currently only legally sell the Gen 2 in Europe due to the specific 900 MHz transmit/receive frequency used for the wireless flow meter that is built into the Gen 3.

I haven’t seen a European distributor. Most international folks order via Amazon or bring one back if they traveled to the US.

Another thing to remember is the power supply is a one voltage (US based) power supply. So a constant voltage converter would need to be before the Rachio supplied power supply or a power supply with the plugs and voltage support for your country would need to be purchased. The specifications for the plug size are on the Rachio site or as this is A/C one can splice the Rachio plug on to the power supply output lines. Output is 24 VAC 1000ma I believe. @Gene will correct any of my mis-information, I’m sure.


I’m glad @DLane has got my back (and takes into account practical concerns). Dlane is right that you may run into issues using Gen 3, expecially if you were specifically interested in wireless flow meter.

More on the radio Gen 3 uses for wireless flow meter (902-928 MHz):


if i get this right, I could use a Gen 3 if I am not going to connect the wireless flow meter. Am not all that worried about the voltage. There are lots of multiplug sources here in Europe. A question - what isi the implication of the “Starting at $16/month with Affirm. Learn more” section of the website. Does this mean that in order to use Rachio, there is a monthly connection fee as a subscription. Or can the hub be used as it is with no further costs.

maybe add this item to international users?

Can you please link to the page showing $16 figure?

@FosseVet - I don’t believe Rachio is allowed to sell the current Gen3 device to Europe as the radio is installed in the device. I don’t know if it would be transmitting every so often or not. Best option it to get a Gen 2 or wait for an international Gen 3 version. I’m not aware of any monthly cost with Rachio. Are you referring to Netamo? As @Gene stated, one just needs to publish their weather data to for Rachio to pick it up.

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check regulations per country… eu is not yet one rule on this. seem this already between sweden and netherlands. also is uk in this europe or are we talking brexit type…

Affirm is a payment system that allowed you to do monthly payments for products. A lot of manufacturers are offering this as a way to buy products…I don’t know enough about it to know what the “interest rate” is, but I can’t imagine it is free…

ThX, I think that this all very clear. My only remaining issue is whether I could use a Gen 3 in Norway (Europe). I think someone mentioned that there is an International discussion group. If so I will post my question there, The HomeKit feature of the Gen 3 is very attractive.