Can multiple accounts receive notifications?

I am not receiving ANY notifications, no push notifications on my IOS and no email notifications. I have checked all my settings and they are all turned on, email address is correct. I have even deleted and reinstalled the app. My husband (who was the primary/first account) is receiving both alerts and emails. Can only one person receive notifications from the unit? Is there some other permission he needs to grant me? I am able to adjust the schedule and everything else via my app or website dashboard, just no notifications.

Hi Heather,

Unfortunately only the primary account will receive notifications at this time. One suggestion would be to share the primary account, as you and your husband can both be logged into the same account on multiple devices at the same time.

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As the landscape professional, I’d like an option to have notifications shared with me.
I got a call from a client who said the new install looked a bit dry…turned out the controller had done 2 skips…he did think to tell me that a bit later.
BUT I could have rescheduled if I had known. Now I have to replace a few plants…