Can I use 8 zone Rachio if I have 9 zones

I’m sure this is probably a silly question, however I received a Rachio Gen 2, 8 zone model as a gift for my birthday. My yard has 9 zones. I have not opened the unit yet. Is it possible to wire it somehow to combine 2 zones? Or will I have to return the model and get a 16 zone instead? I’m trying not to have to go to the trouble of sending in to Amazon to exchange if possible.

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I think I’ve read on here that you can wire two zones into one on the Rachio, but wait until someone who knows for sure chimes in on here

Hope so, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll keep my eyes open!

Hardware wise we are spec’d to run 3 Zones at once (1 Active Zone, 1 Zone For Water Hammer (only if enabled in device settings), 1 Master Valve).

So if you are driving two valves at once, AND have water hammer enabled, AND have a master valve you would be exceeding the spec.

If you just are running two zones it should be fine.

The only other consideration is the drop in water pressure from driving two zones at once. A lot of irrigation systems can’t water two zones at once due to water pressure.

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Sorry to open and old thread but I have the same issue.

I just wanted to check how to wire it. Do I connect 2 of the zone wires to one zone output from the Rachio, or is there some other method you recommend for this?


@woebags - yes, put the two wires into one zone. Or, create a short pigtail and wire nut the two zone wires and pigtail together and then insert the other end of the pigtail into the Rachio. If the schedule running for that zone is a Flex Daily type schedule, then both zones will have the same amount of watering - so configure for the most water needy zone.