Can I snip my rain sensor? (Rachio 3e Installed)

I moved into a new home and replaced a 25 year old controller with the 3e. I see there is a Rain Bird Rain Check sensor on my roof, with wires leading into the ground. The system worked well this summer, but I noticed the wires from the rain sensor are frayed. Likely from a mower or weed whacker.

Can I remove this sensor without it messing up my system? When I replaced the controller, I did not have any rain sensor wires running to it. My fear is it may run to the valves, and me snipping the wires will mess it all up. But I’m not even sure if some rain sensors can be directly wired to valves. Just want to be cautious before removing. Thanks for any help!

Rain sensors usually seem to get any power, if any, from a controller. If so, it is low power. I think you should be safe to remove it. It is better safe than sorry. I might cut one wire at a time just in case and test for any voltage when done.

With that said, I do not think I have seen a rain sensor running to the valves. I suppose it is possible if the common first runs to the rain sensor and then to the valves. If it is frayed and especially if the wires are broken, you should be fine. If the wires are not broken, the worse case if you might have to tie the wires together after cutting them.

How many wires are there for the sensor?

Thank you so much! New to all of this.

It appears there are 11 wires running from the sensor. That‘a what has given me pause. I wonder if it’s spliced to each zone line.

That is quite a few wires! Do you know the model?