Can I replace Rain Dial with Rachio

I am looking to replace my Rain Dial Irritrol timer with a Rachio. I live in Arizona and all of my plants and trees are on drip.

Does Rachio timer work with drip?
Is it easy to install if I already have the Rain Dial in place?

Thanks in advance…


  1. Yes - Rachio works with drip.
  2. Yes - should just be moving wires from Rain Dial to Rachio and then configuring zones from scratch. Feel free to post a picture of the Rain Dial wiring and someone will provide a play by play of where the wires go.

There are several Arizona Rachio users in the community that I’m sure can help dial in any settings.

Do you have a strong WiFi signal where your Rain Dial controller is? That would be a limiting factor that I can think of.

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Now that I have the Rachio in hand, I have another question. I purchased a box since I am installing this outside. Do I have to use the plug-in power to run the Rachio or can I hard wire it the electrical box like my current Rain Dial is?

@moncon - if you bought a Rachio enclosure there is a hardwired connection to a plug inside the enclosure that one then plugs the Rachio transformer into.

The Rachio runs off of 24 VAC, not 120 VAC. One can cut the Rachio transformer cable and splice in a longer run (I’ve done this on one install) so that the Rachio transformer can be plugged in someplace - in the event the box that was purchased doesn’t have a plug receptacle.

Welcome to the Rachio community.

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