Can I remove controller but not lose any info? Shared to diff User

My neighbor bought a R3 and wanted me to help him install it. He could not get it setup with his phone so I grabbed mine and added the controller. I shared access to his email (complete access). He just overseeded and is constantly running all zones for short amounts of time and it’s blowing up my phone with notifications.

Can I remove the controller from my phone so I don’t get anymore notifications? I don’t need access to it at all. When I click remove, it gives me a warning: “Removing this controller will permanently remove all data and settings related to this controller. This action cannot be undone.”

I just want to make sure that the email/user that I shared the controller with doesn’t lose anything and still has complete control over the controller. Thanks-

You can transfer ownership to your neighbor. You do this via the same shared access screen you first shared complete access to. Instead of granting complete or limited access, you should see an option for “Transfer Ownership” where you can transfer it while keeping data to your neighbor.

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