Can I manually run my schedule on a different night one time?

I have the Rachio 3 controller and everything is working great. My schedule is set up to water once a week and my controller did a rain skip last but we are not going to get any rain. Is there a way to make the controller run my full schedule tonight? I know about quick run but I don’t want to have to get up at 3:00 am to set up quick run. Plus my zones run for different times based on size. I would just like to manually tell the controller to run the schedule tonight. Thanks

Yes! You can quick run any schedule. Just navigate to your schedule and click on the upper right corner.


So when I select quick run will it start running my schedule immediately or will it run it at the scheduled start time which is 3:00am? I would like it to run at night at the scheduled time not when I select quick run…Thanks for your reply.

Aw sorry, yeah it will be an immediate run. There is no way to “queue” it up.


Just change the start date of your schedule to tomorrow and it should run at 03:00 or whatever start time you set.

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Ok great. Thank you.