Can I Install 1 Wired Flow Meter on 2 Rachio 3 Controllers?

I am looking to replace my HOA’s old, dying, 32-Zone RainBird sprinkler controller with two 16-Zone Rachio 3 controllers. I was wondering if it’s possible to use a single Wired Flow Meter (such as an Everydrop 1104-EX), and connect it to both Rachio controllers.

I understand that I need to use 2 Isolators for the Common Wire (one Isolator for each controller), to allow each controller to be able to properly control the valves. In addition to the Isolators for the Common Wire, would I need to use 2 Isolators for the Wired Flow Meter (again, one Isolator for each controller) and connect the flow meter to the Isolators, then the Isolators to each controller?

Any help you can provide on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

I am not sure what you are referring to with the term “Isolator”, but wired flowmeters do not connect to valve common (“C” terminal). They connect to S1 or S2 and the “24VAC-” terminal. Wired flowmeters are DC powered through a resistor.

Although, technically this might work (though depending on how powered could cause some undesirable currents), you would probably be getting false warnings since both controllers would be seeing flow from the other one.

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