Can I Exclude Certain Days From A Schedule?

I have two watering schedules - one that only waters on Friday and one that waters every 2 days…

There are times when they overlap…

It’d be helpful to be able to say Schedule B is every 2 days but to skip if the 2nd day is on Friday (since it’s covered by Schedule A)

Right now, the only way that I can figure out how to do this is to schedule B on Mon/Wed which isn’t quite the same…


Great idea! I too, would like to water very x number of days. However, I have had to stop using that feature. I never want to water on a Friday. That is because it is the day my turf and beds are maintained. If I water very x days, Inevitably Friday will end up being one of those days. Instead, I’m having to choose the option of specific days to water. This works to avoid Friday but I’d rather have the interval option and skip a day. This is a feature that in part of the Hunter controls. You can block out any days as ‘non-water’ days even with interval schedules configured.

Thanks for this. Have forwarded to product management team. I could see this being useful in the future.


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Exactly! I had a Hunter Pro-C before my Iro and that was a nice feature…

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@jsurpless, do you plan on keeping fixed schedules once 2.0 comes out, or will you be converting to flex schedules? I only ask as flex schedules do not need set days or intervals. You just tell the Iro what days the it CAN water on. i.e. any day but Friday :wink:

@SteinyD, I know your beta testing 2.0 right now. Any thoughts on flex schedules and the impact to this feature request?

Best, Emil

It sounds like flex schedules will do what I’m looking for, so I intend to switch to them… I bought Iro mostly so it could water when necessary and I wouldn’t have to worry about it…

@emil - once I found where flex scheduling was (I didn’t realize it doesn’t become an option when editing existing schedules), I see the ability to tell it to skip certain days. However, I think this should be a universal feature - whether or not someone choose flex scheduling.

I did attempt to setup flex scheduling last night but left it disabled as it didn’t work as I thought it would. I do have some comments / questions. I assume you want it in the feedback form?

P.S. - i did send a form on another topic over the weekend.

yea, because i have given up on ifttt.

@SteinyD, touche – I’ll pass this onto our product team to bounce around. I know they have a ton of ideas they’re juggling for post 2.0d development.

Yes, please. The feedback form is how and where we’re tracking feedback from all testers (almost feedback I’d like to add!). I think @franz responded to your feedback directly.

@plainsane, just curious…why have you given up on IFTTT?

Outside of scheduling and rain delay, what else is it good for?

I don’t see a rich reporting interface to send me alerts if a zone runs too often. I don’t see how to Alert me if my estimated gallons used this month have breached a certain threshold.

Some update somewhere now keeps me from using it from my Linux boxes with chrome so until I figure that out I’m assed out wholesale.

It is not straight forward how I would use it to execute a one time schedule then remove it.

I personally have found it useless for what I have needed in my irrigation endeavors.

It is almost like y’all’s web hook, very nice feature but I can’t use it because I don’t have a box with a static ip nor will accounting let me have one, and I really want to have a tighter coupling with my zwave server without polling, I hate polling with a passion so the webhook seemed like my tool, but it is not for now.

I might have missed something, I have not gone back to ifttt in a few months.

@plainsane. Noted. I personally use it for a DropCam integration and other fun workarounds.

I know some users are using IFTTT to automate spreadsheet reporting. Perhaps this could help you monitor if your water usage is high or low for the month. I know we do not currently have alerts for exceeding a gallon threshold.

Happy to review your use cases in more detail to see if we can find a solution. I like hard puzzles :wink:

Thanks for your honest feedback. We appreciate it.

maybe, but i gave up the 90s in the 90s, i just want an event driven system to tell me stuff is bad/wrong when it is bad/wrong.

im curious what you use this for in the irrigation world based on the ifttt actions of started/stopped watering a zone. but i have a few zwave camera instead of a drop cam, plus im not as big of a fan of nest since google bought them.

please, that would be nice.