Can I edit the V4 homepage?

Specifically with the “Lawn Smarts” area.
Is there anyway to remove it from there once I read it?
Seems like it’s missing an X to remove the articles once they are read.



Great feedback, @proedgebiker! Thank you! That feature doesn’t exist now but sharing this with the product team to review :slight_smile:


Once you see it once it kind of becomes wasted space taking up 50% of the home screen. Unless it will be turning into dynamic content in the future it feels a bit forced.




Absolutely agree, total waste of home screen realestate, allow me to get rid of it, once read…
I liked the previous iteration of the home page much much better.


Why is the space being used for educatiion? It could be better used for a more intuitive interface.


With Thrive’s arrival the home screen is, for me, only useful from the red line up. I’d prefer to disable this giant Thrive ad and lawn smarts to get schedule and zone data in one view.


Thanks for the feedback @scorp - noted! And so sorry for missing your comment @tcremer! We’ve heard from a lot of customers that they’d like to see more education coming from us, but we always appreciate any critical feedback you have on the experience so we can continue to make it better for everyone! :slight_smile:

Perhaps you should have a homeowner model and a professional model. This controller is really too complicated for most homeowners.

Thank you for letting us dismiss the giant Thrive tile in the latest update. :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face: I’d probably do the same for lawn smarts if the option were available unless it evolves into something more.

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