Can I Attach Multiple Flow Sensors To One Controller?

I have a Gen 3 8 zone controller and 1 flow sensor hooked up to it. I have 3 back flow’s on my property that the controller controls. One back flow (house) has 4 valves, flow sensor is currently hooked up to this. I have two other back flows each only with 2 valves that the controller controls. I’d like the ability to buy 2 more wireless flow sensors and attach them to my existing controller to monitor flow from the other two back flows. I don’t see that Rachio offers a way to do this without purchasing additional controllers.

Its a terrible waste of money to buy two more controllers to only service 2 valves each. Why don’t you guys give your users a way to do this with one controller? Seems like a software related issue, unless there are physical hardware limitations with connecting 2 wireless flow sensors to one controller.

Hope it’s re-engineered in the near future! Anyone else out there have this sort of a setup working? Maybe there is something I’m missing…

You can run 2 flow sensors per Gen 3 controller.

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Any plans of adding a third to one controller?