Can I apply Thrive right after fungicide?

NOTE: I’m in Phoenix, AZ and our high temps are about 99 degrees right now (that’s not the normal high temp, just lately).

Hi guys, I had new BOBsod installed 10 days ago and it was recommended to spray a fungicide on about day 7. I blew that off a bit but I think I’ve been over watering lately and now believe I might have some fungus growing. Oh, if I’ve been over watering it’s because I think for the first few days I was under watering and nearly all 2,300 square feet of sod got pretty brown.

We had a lot of lawn gnats the other day and I have some brown spots so I was going to spray some fungicide. I picked up a bottle of Bioadvanced Fungus Control for Lawns, active ingredient is Propiconazole.

However, today I also just received my Rachio Thrive bottles. I was mostly just wondering if I can spray the fungicide on the whole lawn then maybe in 3 or 4 days apply the Thrive. My worry was that the fungicide would negatively impact or conflict with the Thrive stuff.

Additionally, I should just skip the fungicide and apply the Thrive tomorrow? The lawn has greened up greatly now with maybe about 20 2 square foot sections of what looks like dead brown grass. It’s mostly at the end or beginning of any given roll which makes me also suspect it’s that the sod wasn’t as fresh as they claimed. I bought it off a respected local sod farm (West Coast Turf) and had their own guys install it. It was delivered at 10 pm the night before and they started installing it at noon the next day. It’s possible that there’s no fungus but the other evening there were just so many gnats flying around over the lawn.


I just read that Thrive shouldn’t be applied until I’m not watering so much, so this will be no sooner than this Tuesday. I guess my question still applies though. Would there be any harm in spraying this fungicide this weekend then Thrive the next? Thanks!

I can’t say for sure, but since Thrive technically isn’t a fertilizer, I don’t think it will cause a problem. I guess my only concern would be since Thrive is a micro-algae formula, would the fungicide kill any of the microbes in it?

Maybe @dane can get this to the Thrive experts.

@Chromedomeand @tmcgahey

I’m excited for you to apply your Rachio Thrive Lawn Champion. There are no known adverse interaction between Lawn Champion and other products. The microalgae in Lawn Champion is not living so it cannot be “killed”.

You have also correctly determined that you will want to wait until your done with the heavy watering as you might wash away the Lawn Champion. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you Dane. You can help. I’m now in week three and the watering is reduced to about a half inch each morning for one week. For what it’s worth, this is 60 minutes each morning with MP rotator heads. Would this still be considered too heavy a watering? If so, I would then end up waiting until about 8 days from now until I then switch to more normal watering schedule like two or three days a week

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That’s pretty heavy, but it’s what Rachio does in the dead of summer here in AZ…no way to get away from it…

What do you have your PR set at for your MP’s? I have mine set a little higher than what Hunter says they put down, but I have a number of nozzles with heavy overlap. I think mine is set at .60in/hr.

Well, I’m in week 3 of new sod and am going by the suggestions of Evergreen Turf and Westcoast turf. They don’t give suggestions for MP Rotators but with some research it seems they’re suggesting about a half in a day for the next 7 days. AKA, this is a manual schedule I setup.

PR? I’m guessing that’s Nozzle inches per hour? Good question. I did a tuna can test a while back and came up with 0.5 inches per hour. Hunter says 0.4 inches per hour. After I did the test I put 0.5 in that field but have since gone back and put 0.4 thinking that’s Rachio wants in there to better calculate water usage? But maybe not? I looked all over for instructions on what to put here but only find info about the DU (efficiency) and haven’t had time to do a big test like that yet.

EDIT: Oh, I see now you meant precip rate. I don’t see that anywhere on the web app or phone app. I have a Gen 3 Rachio, maybe that’s why?

Nope, nozzle inches per hour is precipitation rate, or the amount that a nozzle will emit in an hour. Manufacturers publish numbers based on perfect conditions, and are rarely attainable in real life due to uniformity issues and sprinkler placement.

.5 is probably pretty accurate. Only thing you may or may not have been able to calculate is efficiency, but you should be pretty close.