Can anyone at Rachio look at my settings for me?

For some reason my first 2 zones deplete water much faster than the rest and i cant figure out why. The system has run all zones twice this week so far and the 1st 2 are at 33% after running last night, but the rest are at 86%. Its not effecting the grass at all, but some times those 2 zones will run by themselves to catch up. Im wondering if its because the system starts at 10pm to complete by sunrise so the system sees them as running a day earlier? Its not really a problem, but im curious if i have something wrong somewhere.

@wafflesngravy, you could posts some screen grabs of the advanced settings page here for each of those zones and probably get some good feedback and it might be quicker.

Assuming these are all grass…? Are the settings in order?

First quick glance, I see some zones are set at 70% efficiency, some at 80%. I see your PR (in/hr) setting is different for almost every zone, but based on your zone pictures, I see some spray, some rotor, etc.

Can you post the basic settings for either one of the first two zones (showing 33%), and one of the other (showing 86%)?

All grass. Settings are in order.

All the zones are rotors except 3 are spray heads. 6-7-8 or back6 back7 and side1.

2 of the rotor zones I lowered the NIPH to increase their run time because I have too many sprinklers on those zones and they need to run more to keep up with the others. These are zone 3 (back3) and zone 11 (front 3)

Should i reset the rachio and start over maybe? Those 2 zones have run an hour more than the others and i just cant figure out why.