Can a zone be triggered after rain?

I’m interested in getting the Gen 2 controller, but was wondering if you can schedule a zone to turn on after rain? I ask because we collect our rainwater in a 5000 gal cistern and one of the zones cleans off the rainwater filter so I don’t have to do it manually as often. I would even be open to a fixed schedule that ignored the rain sensor or weather input as it probably only uses a few gallons every time it runs and most will end up back in the cistern.

Our virtual rain sensor ( can be turned off/on for any schedules.

If you have a physical rain sensor attached and it is activated, this will not allow any scheduled schedules to run.

You can still manually run zones even if the physical rain sensor is activated.


If you have a physical rain sensor, ifttt does some cool stuff for you.

I just created a recipe that will run a zone when the sensor deactivates.

I think that would serve your purpose.

I’m pretty sure you can put that on a virtual,sensor as well.

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