Can a problem zone in Gen 2 disable itself?

My apologies if this is long. I was puzzled by a zone that was not watering. I discovered that it was disabled. I was a bit confused because I do not remember disabling it. In fact, I don’t remember disabling any zone. I trust the controller and really don’t babysit it at all so I never noticed when this happened. I was out in the yard during a schedule run and noticed the zone didn’t run. Ok, so I got into the App and found that the zone was disabled. I enabled it and it worked during my brief manual test run. No big surprise there. However, the next day the zone was not watering again. It found that I had a bad solenoid. A really weird failure since it was not open nor shorted, also the ohm reading was right in the normal zone. However, whenever the solenoid activated it would pull the 24 VAC so low the controller would reboot. So my question is, since this may have been happening many times before I noticed it, did my Gen 2 have the ability to disable a problem zone all by itself? If so, shouldn’t the controller issue a notification?