Calling all pros! How to increase overall output (pressure)?


Hi all,
Non Rachio related question.

My system uses reclaimed water that’s provided by a regional utility. I presume it’s on a shared line with the 1000 other homes in my community, but I have assurances from my HOA that there is enough pressure for each household.

I use a combination of rotors and MP rotators and I have tuned them as best I could for arc & throw.

Using the rachio flow meter, my longest drip of my drip lines gets about 18GPM, which is the highest output zone for me.

Another zone that has 8 MP Rotators (MP3500) that should average around 3GPM each is only recording 13GPM for the whole zone - I was expecting over 20GPM (8 x 3GPM = 24GPM).

Could replacing the valve for the zone increase pressure? As far as I can tell, it’s just a cheap hunter valve thats impacted in dirt in a valve box.

Are there pros that specialize in this type of irrigation forensics without charging an arm and a leg?

Any other ideas welcome.


Some Hunter valves have a restrictor screw on the top that can resteict flow, thus decreasing pressure. Check to see if your valve has that, and try backing it all thr way out.

What is making you think that there is a pressure problem? MP Rotators like to stay arijng 40psi to work their best.


good point @tmcgahey. Was going on the flow meter readings (and visually flow seems low), but I do have a valve pressure meter that I can check the individual valves.

Will dust it off and report back.