California Green Compliant?

The “2013 CALGREEN RESIDENTIAL MANDATORY MEASURES” specifies irrigation controller requirements.

Does the Rachio controller comply?

Link to CalGreen Checklist

Snip from CalGreen Checklist
Automatic irrigation system controllers for landscaping provided by the builder and installed at the time of final inspection shall comply with the following:
1 - Controllers shall be weather- or soil moisture-based controllers that automatically adjust irrigation in response to changes in plant watering needs as weather or soil conditions change.
2 - Weather-based controllers without integral rain sensors or communication systems that account for rainfall shall have a separate wired or wireless rain sensor which connects or communicates with the controller(s).

Yes, we are also EPA WaterSense certified.


@sleaver, just following up on your post in more detail:

The Iro is an ET based controller that automatically adjusts irrigation in response to changes in pant watering needs. Our Water Budgeting feature, available on fixed schedules, will adjust the watering duration on a weekly basis. Flex schedules, coming in our 2.0 release, will adjust the watering frequency on a daily basis within the allowed days set by the user. Watering durations are not adjusted on Flex Schedules.

The Iro supports all major rain sensors. Additionally, the Iro comes with a built in Virtual Rain Sensor via it’s Weather Intelligence feature.

Being EPA WaterSense certified makes the Iro eligible for rebates in nearly every state. Sometimes for 100% of the purchase cost. For details, please see this support article.

Hope this helps! :smile: Just curious, how did you learn about Rachio?

Best, Emil