California Crop ET

For those that use Rachio to water trees and food crops, this report is pretty terrific if you’re interested in making monthly crop ET adjustments. It assumes you are in California and understand the concept of ET and can do basic math to determine crop coefficients using data from geographically zoned tables. Of course there are no perfect answers. I constantly struggle to maintain water that my plants want, which is often different than what I think they need. So be ever vigilant and MONITOR plant health. Nobody should ever “set and forget it” when it comes to fruit trees and garden vegetables & fruits. Rachio just makes it rediculously easy to make adjustments at anytime.


For Water Balances and Irrigation Scheduling/Design January 2003

By Irrigation Training and Research Center, California Polytechnic State University

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You hit the nail on the head. Thank you for the referenced article.

I tell my customers that an irrigation controller is just like the cruise control for a car. You can set your desired settings but someone needs to hold the wheel. With irrigation controllers, this holds true. A person can program the controller to run the schedules, but each person needs to see how the landscape is responding to the program and make adjustments accordingly.

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