Calibrating Flow Meter, too low to calculate

I just installed my Rachio 3 with a flowmeter. I tried to calibrate the flowmeter and one zone calibrated properly the second zone said the flow was too low to calculate. How do I rectify this problem?

@Don55 can you describe what is on the second zone - drip, rotors, sprays, how many, etc.?

Hi I live in Arizona and my front yard is desert landscape with shrubs and a few trees the total mount of drips is around 10 to 12.

@Don55 - the flow meter can only sense down to .5 GPM or 30 GPH. From the specifications (


So if there are 12 - 1 GPH emitters, that would be 12 GPH and below the threshold. So I think the number of emitters would need to be increased or the rate increased to get over 30 GPH for it to register - that is if they are flowing at spec and not plugged up and flowing slower.

I had the same problem and ended up doubling the size of the emitters to get above the .5 gpm restriction. The zone runs in half the time and had no adverse effects but now its flow is being monitored by the flow meter.

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Thanks for the idea!