Calendar view out of alignment with Soil Moisture view

Background: I manually watered my “Back” zone last night for 2 hr 8 min, which is the normal daily flex run time.

Note: I manually ran it a day early due to plant health concerns, and I’m working on adjusting my daily flex settings with help from this forum.

Issue: This morning I was surprised to see that the flex daily schedule is planning to run again for 2 hr 8 min tonight. However, it only shows this planned flex run in the Calendar view. It looks correct (no redundant watering) in the Soil Moisture view.

Question: Is it really going to run again tonight or is the Calendar view just being glitchy?

Screenshots for Context

This issue resolved itself after just waiting a little while, and the Calendar view now reflects the same upcoming schedule as the Soil Moisture view. It appears there is just a slight lag in the calendar view updating.