Calendar should show past days as well as future

It’s very nice that the Calendar shows future days on which programs are scheduled to run, and you can tap on any day to see details of what is scheduled (or not scheduled) for that day.

It would be even nicer if the same thing worked for past days. That is, there should be an icon on days when a program was run, and a different icon on days when a program was skipped or canceled. Tapping on that day should show details of what happened that day.

I know that this information is available in the History. But it is very tedious scrolling through the History looking for a specific day, especially given that it includes start and stop time for each zone. Having this information accessible from the Calendar would be much more useful.


You can also see the watering history by day by selecting a zone and then viewing the water usage. It won’t show the reason the watering wasn’t done, but you will know what days it watered on.

I have asked (and hope we will get someday soon) for the ability to download the history file. Since there are probably so many different ways people might want to see the data, this would allow people to load it into an Excel spreadsheet and manipulate it on their own. Even if you don’t want to manipulate the data, just having all the info for each entry on a single line and in each row of a spreadsheet would make it WAY faster to read. And I would think that providing a download of the file would not require much programming to create, compared to creating new user interfaces.

@eataft Coming soon :slight_smile:!



Great news on coming soon! Since I travel all week for work, I am constantly looking up the past weather. St Louis weather is crazy. And wife isn’t really interested in the yard like I am to track! Ha!

Rachio is an awesome product by the way.


Very good idea to show in calendar and should be in the same format as it is just another date.

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I asked for this exact thing several years ago, glad to see it’s being implemented!