Calculating preciptation rate

Ok I am not a math genius so here is what I tried to calculate my flow rate for my bubbler. I ran my sprinkler for 1 minute via rachio app and collected the amount of water my bubbler let out in 1 minute, which was approx 6 cups or 720ml and 11.4 GPH.

I saw this

how do i get the precipitation rate from this info to put into my custom nozzle? Does square footage make sense for a bubbler since it not spraying water everywhere like a fixed head spray?

lost, if someone can give me a number to put into my app that would be great.

@sairam71, just to confirm your bubbler is putting out 6 cups per minute, or 0.375 gallons/minute = 22.5 gallons/hour?

Let me know and I’ll help you with the calculation.

Thanks, Emil

Sorry it is outputting 3 cups per minute. 720ml