Calculating Nozzle Inches Per Hour

What is the formula to calculate Nozzle Inches / Hour as needs to be configured per zone? I used the yard map to measure the square footage (and added sprinkler heads into the map) and tested water flow at the water meter directly. The meter shows roughly 1 Gallon / Minute (60 Gallons / Hour) for each zone tested.

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Norman Drews

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(Area in sq. Ft / Min running / Gallons used) x 60

Use a water meter with a before and after reading to get the gallons used, maybe running a test on each zone for 5 minutes

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Thank you for your response.

I think I am reading the water meter incorrectly. One complete turn is not 1 gallon. I’ll take the readings again.

@Logisan One revolution of meter is normally ;
1 Cu ft. of H20 = 7.48 gallons

Thank you. I watched a video and figured out how to read it correctly. For us it is measured in gallons. The formula doesn’t make sense to me though to calculate nozzles inches per hour. As an example the below will give me two different numbers and all I did was extrapolate the second one (doubled the time).

(1000 sq feet \ 5 minutes \ 50 gallons ) * 60
(1000 sq feet \ 10 minutes \ 100 gallons ) * 60

Really, you should look in the manufactures specifications book.

However as you indicate by your meter this is fairly simple and text book. In 5 minutes you had 50 gallons, thus divided by 5 = 10 gallons a minute.

Basic Formula is:
Precipitation Rate
Pr = 96.25 x Total GPM ( 10) divide by
Total Area 1000
= .96 in./hr

Spec book is a great starting point IMO, but unless the system is perfectly installed with perfect overlap, spacing, system pressure, etc., there will be variations in PR. My MP’s were pretty close to the spec sheet after some adjustments and tweaking of my zones after a catch cup test.

I also go out every 3 months or so and check/adjust nozzles to make sure I am getting the spray pattern I want.

Unfortunately for me, everything was preinstalled with the new home, so I don’t have any specs, but I did get an accurate gallons per minute looking at the water meter. Interesting values. We’re going to layout the sprinkler heads different in our backyard (patio) at some point. Right now, it’s just St. Augustine grass - trampled by large dogs. Below are my numbers. The read is after 1 minute of water per zone.

Zone	                Area	    Start         End	    Inches / Hour
Patio - Home (E)	    1415.22     871352.5	  871369.5	1.16
Patio - Home (S)	    1426.97     871369.5	  871381.0  0.78
Patio - Fence (W)	    1291.20 	871381.0	  871390.6  0.72
Patio - Fence (N)	    1455.40 	871390.6	  871400.0  0.62
Front - Flowers	         257.63 	871400.0	  871419.2  7.17
Patio - Fence (E)	    1690.10	    871419.2	  871421.0  0.10
Front - East | North	 591.22	    871421.0      871435.0  2.28
Front - West	         500.42	    871435.0	  871459.2  4.65

Boy, some of those seem off. What type of irrigation is running in these zones?

Patio - Fence E
Front - West

Hi. Unless the water measurement or nozzle type is wrong (it probably is), here they are. I can take the water measurements again when I get a chance.

Can you correctly tell me the type of sprinkler head these are?

Zone "Flowers"

The ‘Flowers’ zone is combination of grass and flower/shrubs but I could only select one, so I used Fixed Sprayhead.

Zone "Patio - Fence(E)"

I selected Rotor head, it rotates so I guessed it was this one.

Zone "Front - West"

I selected Fixed Sprayhead. Maybe it’s one of the drip nozzles in the list.