Calculate inches per hour from water meter

Is it possible to calculate inches per hour water from the numbers on my water meter? If so can someone help me with the math?

I ran my two zones and calculated the following based on my water meter.

Zone 1(Shrub /tree zone) 3.5 Gallons Per Minute
Zone2 (Tree zone) 1.5 Gallons Per Minute


Here is one thread that talks about the calculation: Help with nozzle inches using water meter - Schedules & Zones / Flex Daily - Rachio Community

After reading that article, How do you calculate the Area if this is drip irrigation? Is it the area of the entire shrug or tree canopy etc?

Try this on: Drip Emitter Calculator for Precipitation Rate & Area - Schedules & Zones / Set Up & Edit Zones - Rachio Community

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(Area / Mins / Quantity) * 60

I assume Area is sq. yards and Quantity is gallons. I only used this for metric

Square feet of what exactly. Do I measure the canopy? Do u measure a square around each emitter? Thanks

Did you see the last link I posted? It talks about calculating the area. I have not done this on my drips as I have not needed it yet.

Yes however, my understanding is it calculates area after you know PR. I wanted to figure out if PR could be figured out just using the water meter, but appears I need area which I don’t know how to determine.

The drip area in measured one foot beyond your last drip line.

That’s correct. Think about dumping out 1 gallon of water in a small pot. The water will travel many inches deep. If you sprinkle the same gallon of water all around your yard it will clearly stay very near the surface. By just knowing the water used and not how it is dispersed, you don’t have enough information to know how deep it travels.

I made the drip calculator linked to above such that you can use the description to come up with a target for total number of gallons you want to deliver at it’s destination, then set up the controller to deliver exactly that amount.