Calculate area from current water usage?

Hi all,

I will shortly be installing a new Rachio 3. Is it possible to roughly calculate the area of a zone from the water usage ? Or what other information would I need ?

I have 14 zones with about 10 Fixed Spray Heads per zone. I measured the usage for one zone for 2 minutes and divided it by the number of nozzles, giving me a flow rate of about 10litres/min. We are currently watering Centipede grass for 20 mins every 2 days during summer.

Area of a zone is accomplished by measuring length x width. Are you perhaps asking how to determine how much water a zone uses during your 20 minute runs? If so, you’d need a flow meter. I installed a wireless one on my water meter and can monitor my water usage at my residence. I can easily determine water usage in my sprinklers.

The issue I had was that I knew the water volume per zone and the number of nozzles per zone, but I’m not at the location and from memory, zones are all sorts of shapes and sizes (a total of 14 grass zones)