Buy single hose end timer

I have emailed customer service over a week ago and still have not heard a thing. How do I buy a single hose end timer? You state that multiple timers can be used by a single hub. I do not want to buy your paired timer and hub multiple times and have a bunch of leftover hubs that I can’t do anything with and that cost extra. When will single hose end timers be available? How do I purchase these? Please contact me ASAP, I am waiting to give pricing to a customer. Your customer service is greatly lacking! There seems to be much chatter about this, please improve it. I would gladly pay 20% more for your timers, if they included live customer service, or a monthly or annual customer service fee. Your lame chatbot and unreplied email queries don’t cut it.

I’ll follow up here tomorrow. Thank you for your interest, it does look like a stock out, I’ll get confirmation when individual valves will be available.



We apologize for the inconvenience.

As we work to replenish inventory for, you can purchase valve-only units from Amazon here:

Thank you