Bug Report: Stopped Schedule Resumes

I don’t see any other way to report a bug. Please let me know if there’s a bug tracking system or some other method I should use.

This is definitely repeatable on my end. I’m using the Android app to interface with the Rachio.

  1. Stop a running schedule using the “stop” button under “Now Running”.
  2. Initiate a Quick Run - For example, pick one zone to run for 3 minutes
  3. Note after Quick Run completes, the previously aborted schedule resumes (undesired behavior/bug)

I don’t know when this started. I do this sometimes but I perform it too irregularly to have noted when this was introduced.

Here’s some info about my setup:
Android app version 4.1.11 (14153)
Rachio 2nd Gen controller, 16 zone

Please let me know if you need more info from my side. Thanks!

Hi, I just wanted to touch base with Rachio staff. Is this the best way to report a bug? If so, is this something that is repeatable on your side? Just wondering general status. Thanks.