Bug creating new schedules on iOS app & web (Rachio 3)

I tried creating a repeating daily watering schedule for new sod for winter, with 4 minute schedule at 7am, 3pm, 8pm. (3 times per day, 8 hour interval).

I create a schedule on the iOS app (Rachio 3) for daily at 7am, all intelligence is turned off. When I try to create a 2nd schedule for 3pm, I get stuck when trying to select start time at 3pm - the app will show the time and then blank out back to the selection screen, unable to proceed further.

To get around this, I log into the web, but get stuck creating a schedule from scratch as the Chrome browser blanks out after selecting “Daily Fixed” schedule option.

So I have to create schedule #2 in the app, and choose start time “before sunrise”, and then go on the web and edit the time to 3pm.

For schedule #3, I get another bug where I can’t select the end date (2 weeks from now) as it keeps blanking out and going back to the end date selection screen on the iOS app. So I leave it blank, and then have to edit on the web to put in the end date in Chrome browser.

These bugs make it tedious to create schedules. The fact I need to use both the web interface and the mobile APP to do something that should be easily handled by either one is quite unacceptable.

Please fix the bugs in the interface on the web and the mobile interface.

Did you do “Daily Interval” on your fixed schedule? And set up 3 Fixed schedules, one for each time? (I looked at hourly interval, but the longest option I saw was a 6 hour interval and you had said 8 hour interval). I just tried setting this up on my iPhone, IOS 16.0.3 and had no problems at all making the 3 schedules.

Can you also verify that you have the latest Rachio app installed? Who knows, that might also be an issue. Is your IOS up to date?

I do have “daily interval” set up, and I set up 3 fixed schedules, one for each time. I did have the latest Rachio app, tried on 2 iPhones (iOS 16.0.1 at the time), and issues on both phones. I just updated the app again, hopefully it will be solved.