Brown zone

If I have grass in one zone browning, what’s the easiest way to get that zone to water more frequently with flex daily? Increase crop coefficient? It’s currently at 80.


@Dkd114 Yes, crop coefficient is the best way to get it to water more frequently. However, that 0.8 crop coefficient already seems fairly high assuming a warm season grass. Are your healthier zones using the same turf type and soil? If you haven’t preformed catch cup testing it could be an issue of irrigation coverage. Maybe that zone has a lower efficiency or pr? Check both zones, note any differences, and make sure you they should indeed be different. Feel free to post any of that info here.

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@Dkd114 Crop coefficient has a direct effect on how frequent your grass will water. If you are truly at 0.8, then you are already pretty high… what type of grass do you have?

Cool season

Yeah so increasing coefficient is the easiest way to increase frequency. However, the 0.8 is already high for cool season grass. Post a pic of your settings for the zone and we see if they all look good


Just an FYI, I am in Colorado and had to increase my crop coefficient to 90% in July to keep up.

Cool season, silty clay soil.

Flex tips on adjustments:

My personal experience with Flex:


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