Brown Patch Control

Has anyone used Pillar G for brown patch on fescue? I am using it for the first time on my backyard.


I’ve read good things about Pillar G. I would love to hear about your experience. Best of luck with that brown patch!


I’m a headway g guy myself.

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What is Headway? I selected my fungicides (Pillar G and Heritage G) based on university trials from mutiple schools. Headway is one I don’t know.

Basically both of those products combined.

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Thanks. It is good to know that Syngenta devloped this combo. So next year I will use Headway G. It is similar to Pillar G in that it has two chemical families. My fescue is starting to slow way down with our 99 degree heat. This year I was overly cautious with my fertilizer application and only applied .5 lbs actual N per 1,000 square feet. Oklahoma is the transition zone for fescue, but it looks wonderful in the fall winter and spring.