Bring Back the Trailing Zeros!


Minor thing but it drives me crazy. When looking at the soil moisture screen, where information is presented in hundredths of an inch, if it’s an even tenth, it’s presented with no trailing zero. Yes, I know, it’s not needed, but it really affects readability. When scanning the figures, my eyes always stop and try to determine, was that 2 tenths of an inch or 2 hundredths I just saw.

From my old coding days, we always added the trailing zero for readability if we were working with defined fields (hundredths in this case), just for readability’s sake.



is much more readable than:


I know you guys have been putting out some major fires with the new R3 and the V3 app, which BTW are both outstanding! Would just like to see this minor adjustment made to make the app even better!




We are making some minor changes to the moisture chart, I’ll forward this feedback to the product/engineering teams.


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I second this!

Well now we have to do it.