Brand new setup all zones turn on but not back off

Hi everyone,

I’m very new to irrigation controllers and solenoids but I have a 16 zone Rachio 3 with 6 zones currently connected through K-rain KR7001 valves.

I have just turned it all on for the first time but can’t for the life of me get zones to turn back off once I turn them on.

I have tried power cycling the Rachio leaving it off for 10 minutes.

But I really don’t know where to go from here to get it all working.

Any suggestions are much appreciated

How old are the valves? Many times when a valve hangs open, the diaphragm in side the valve has failed.

I don’t see anything in the specs of the K-Rain you reference that would lead to any issues otherwise…

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@Digitalelise - check to make sure the solenoids haven’t been replaced with DC versions instead of the 24 VAC versions. The symptoms of staying on are what latching DC solenoids do when connected to an AC system.


You bring up a good point. I looked up the valve referenced and didn’t see anything about a DC version or option, but I guess the solenoid is somewhat interchangeable and adaptable.


Definitely VAC but I have just taken a look at the power adaptor I have and I believe I was sent a DC adapter not a AC one like I ordered. I should have checked when I received it.

I’ll pick up a AC one today and see if that resolves it.

Thanks for all your responses, I hadn’t even thought to check if the power adapter or solenoids were DC or AC

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