Brand New Lawn Installation and Smart Cycle

I am new to irrigation systems and I have just moved into a new house and the landscaping company finished up a couple of days ago. I have 5 zones in my yard and they suggested to run a couple of the zones at 12 minutes and a few others at 15, twice a day at 6a and 4p. I set fixed schedules up in Rachio without an issue. The question I have is really around smart cycles. With a brand new lawn installation, should I be using the smart cycle option? Currently it is breaking up the schedules into three sets with a 13 minute soak in period. I am just not sure if I should be using this option or skipping smart cycle for now and really watering in the new seed. Thanks in advance.

@rhayn Cycle and soak is a good idea! Too much water at one time will wash the seeds away.

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I would not suggest smart cycle until the lawn is established.