Blue LED light?

Hi there fellows, my blue LED light is not lit all the way across. Its starts from left with green, then dark grey, to the light blue. Am I missing some wire here?

Is the rachio showing it’s connected via the phone application? If not try unplugging router and rachio and then reconnect both.

Yes, it does show that its connected. In fact I can control all my stations thru my phone.

Hi. I’m back. Now my sprinkler system will not turn on on their scheduled time and day. I have to do a quick run manually. What am I doing wrong?

This is the light that I’m getting.

Perhaps that was in memorial.

And this setup has worked prior? I’m struggling with the wiring. What sensors do you have connected to Rachio? Obviously a wireless rain sensor, which I see in your picture, and based on the red light, I believe your sensor is forcing a “rain skip”.

  • The bottom light or Sensor Status light is to indicate whether or not the sensor has witnessed rain fall. A green light will indicate a dry sensor, red light a wet sensor.