Curious to see if anyone has checked out the new BloomSky products. That would be pretty cool if rachio could get its westher data from it.

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I’ve been keeping an eye on this product for about a year now. The Sky2 with the Storm should provide all the data needed. The only drawback is that the recommended height for an anemometer is 33 feet. On the plus side–HOAs can’t complain about something so unobtrusive.

Bumping this up to @franz to see if there has been any more development on integration with Bloomsky now that the Storm module has been added for increased weather data or anything further on Weather Underground integration? I have a Bloomsky Pro kit on order and am considering a Rachio controller but without integration with the Bloomsky I may need to consider some competitors. I’m new to the community so please correct me if this is incorrect etiquette. Thanks.

Hey @prb54494!

Absolutely not incorrect etiquette, our community is a great resource for getting to know the product better before purchasing!
For WUnderground integration, there is a pretty extensive thread discussing that here. We have found a workaround for now, so you can get that data from a Weather Underground station to work with your controller. Directions on that can be found here for mac users, and can be found on that thread mentioned above for PC/Linux user. As for direct integration, there is a subscription cost to Rachio that comes with that integration. This doesn’t mean it isn’t an option, it just means that it’s a decision that’s a little more complicated.
We don’t currently have integration with Bloomsky. I am not familiar with the new storm module, but I will definitely look into it! I did see that Bloomsky is compatible with IFTTT, and Rachio is as well. I would be curious to see if some recipes could be created to help the two work together? I will look more into the data that Bloomsky pulls and see if something can be done there.
If you have any more questions, please feel free to PM me!

McKynzee :rachio:

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Wondering if there has been any more progress on direct integration with Bloomsky or Weather Underground? Spring is coming here in the upper Midwest and I will need to make a decision and purchase my controller soon as I completed my dormant planting of my entire yard last fall and I’ll need the system up and running as soon as the soil temp hits 50.

A Big Irrigation Brand WiFi controller allows connection to WU. Just saying :wink: But, it doesn’t support other integration so I guess I’ll need to choose my priority. Direct integration with Bloomsky would solve it.

Also, I would love to see more plant and system options for vegetable gardens and drip line systems.

Thanks in advance.

We are working on a large platform release which is taking priority at the moment. Many new features. Having a larger weather footprint is definitely on our roadmap. We also have a couple awesome integrations coming soon.

Just curious why WU could be a deal killer? Our current network of PWS is fairly extensive, and to be honest we mainly use that data for precipitation. So if you have a fairly reliable station near your house could be “good enough” until we integrate with something like WU.

After our major platform release, new features will be coming fast and furious, since that was a huge reason for rebuilding.

Hope this helps.


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For me, being able to use WU is important because I already have a BloomSky 2 with the Storm weather station and as far as I am aware WU is the only site the information is uploaded to without purchasing more hardware like a bridge. I don’t have programming or technical PWS knowledge, nor that kind of time to be honest, so a simplistic user friendly integration with Bloomsky is important. If there is another way to do that, I am all ears.

The timing is important also as I have a new lawn and system less the controller planted dormant last fall and can’t risk waiting on firing the system up this spring. I purposely waited on purchasing a controller in hopes the Rachio update would be ready but time is running short on my end.

Thanks for the reply and I’ll definitely keep watching for an update announcement.

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Check out a new way to move your data from WU to PWSweather to use with your rachio (no physical bridge required). Here is the link. It is compatible with most web servers (many of which are free) and takes few minutes to setup.