Blocking out a day for the gardeners

Does anyone know of a way to block out a certain day of the week so the sprinklers don’t come on when the gardeners are going to mow. I have a monthly flexible schedule set up for the grass areas and it just changed to come on once a week and it happens to be the same day my gardeners mow. It would be nice to be able to block out a day and have the schedule adjust around that day. Any ideas?


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I don’t use your type of schedule but can’t you go into the schedule and pick specific days you want it to water? So in other words, just make sure the day the landscapers come is not selected?

Unfortunately flexible monthly doesn’t currently support daily restrictions. We are working to modify that in our next major software release.

A workaround for now is that you could set a rain delay for one day, and then run the schedule manually.

Flexible daily schedules do support day of week restrictions.

Hope this helps.


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Did this ever get resolved with a new software release?

Yes, you can now choose restricted days for flex monthly schedules.